We care about producing wines with their own, elegant, balanced identity that convey the essence and differentiation of our vineyards and our terroirs. We have the equipment and technology installed in our winery. We have a minimal oenological intervention winemaking practice that fits perfectly with a motivated team with high technical skills and appropriate know-how. Therefore, we have all the conditions to maximize the potential of our grapes that give birth to excellent wines.

• Own grapes 96%.
Maximum capacity - 1,200,000 Liters (Respect for the optimum vintage point).
Manual and mechanical (night) harvest.
• Technology - Quality and automation required to optimize grape quality.
Classic winemaking with high technical rigor.
• Minimal oenological intervention.

Motivated team with know-how appropriate to the high level of demand.
• Bet on high quality barrels.
• Barrel cellar (construction to start in 2021).
• We strive to produce wines with their own identity, elegant, fresh, balanced, that convey the essence and differentiation of our terroir.